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Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

If you’re ready to find out, the Studio 312 Salon is the place for you.

Blonding is a hair coloring service that stands out from all the rest. It’s not the same process as getting a new all-over color.

Blonding takes your dark hair to a light, blonde shade, and the full process will vary based on your natural hair color, texture, length, and your desired blonde color.

Going blonde requires bleaching and toning your hair, and it’s important to schedule a consultation before you begin this process. During your consultation, we’ll assess your hair to determine the best course of action and also discuss the process and upkeep your new color will require.

Please schedule a consultation before booking a blonding service.

Woman shows off blonde hair after salon visit
Client having their hair washed at a hair salon.
Woman showing off new blonde hair color and style.

What Is Platinum Card Blonding?

While you can get a lighter and blonder look with various highlighting techniques, going full blonde can only be achieved with our Platinum Card service.

Platinum card blonding is a specialized hair coloring technique used to achieve a very light, almost white, shade of blonde hair. We do this by creating very fine highlights throughout the hair using micro-weaving.

Your stylist will use a small foil card to isolate each individual section of hair that will be highlighted, ensuring that the highlights are evenly spaced and distributed throughout the hair. The result is both natural-looking and multidimensional.

Platinum card blonding is a multi-step process that begins with lightening the hair with a bleach or lightener, toning the hair to eliminate any brassy or yellow tones, and then conditioning and treating the hair to restore moisture and prevent damage.

Platinum card blonding is a very light color, meaning it requires ongoing maintenance to keep the hair healthy and vibrant. This may include regular root touch-ups and toning treatments to maintain your desired shade of blonde.

Starting at $200

Keep Your Hair healthy

Using the right hair products at the right frequency is crucial to maintaining the hair your love. Follow our blog for helpful hair tips.