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Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout

Are You Ready for Rio?

The sleek, smooth hair you’ve been searching for is right here.

A Brazilian Blowout is the only hair smoothing treatment that can be customized to fit your unique hair type and desired look.

At Studio 312 Salon, we provide the best Brazilian Blowout services you’ll find anywhere in Orlando. Our stylists will transform your hair giving you shiny, healthy, more manageable locks.

The Brazilian Blowout is not a Keratin straightening treatment. Instead, it uses amino acids to diminish frizz, prevent dryness, and leave your hair smoother than ever before. The amino acids also seal in moisture, making your individual hair follicles healthier and more intact.

The best part of a Brazilian Blowout? Once you leave the chair, it’s ready to go. You can head straight to the gym, throw it in a ponytail, and not worry about reversing any of the treatment process.

Not to mention it’s suitable for all hair types. Curly, kinky, straight, wavy, coiled, frizzy, fine, damaged, or coarse, the Brazilian Blowout is for you!

You’ll find styling and detangling your hair is much easier, because you’re not dealing with frizz and breakage, and your style will hold for much longer. And if you’re one of our curly customers, you’ll find your curls are more defined and protected against humidity.

Brazilian Blowouts won’t strip away any color, it won’t turn your blonde into yellow, and it won’t alter your natural curl pattern. Our stylists will make sure you’re using all the proper hair tools at home to keep your hair healthy.

So if you’re looking for a treatment that will make your hair smoother instead of straighter, something that’s less damaging or heat intensive, try one of our Brazilian Blowout services today! All Studio 312 Salon stylists are Brazilian Blowout certified.

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Brazilian Blowout Treatments

We offer several options for Brazilian Blowout services, so you can find the one that best fits your hair type and budget. Our stylists are always ready to help you choose the appropriate treatment based on your lifestyle, styling routine, hair type, and more.

All Brazilian Blowout services can be performed the same day as a color service or cut.

Brazilian Blowout Original (80 minutes)

The OG treatment. It's fully customizable so you can keep your curls or wavy hair and still get the smoothness and shine you’re searching for. Smooth and seal your cuticles to improve your overall hair health.

With all the frizz under control, you’ll cut your styling time in half at home, and you don’t have to worry about any noticeable differences with new hair growth.

Eliminates frizz for up to 12 weeks.
Starting at $265

Brazilian Blowout Express (60 minutes)

This is the perfect service if you’re looking for something more affordable or just testing out the look. With a Brazilian Blowout Express, we smooth and cleanse your hair all in one step.

This is ideal if you’re someone who gets their hair cut frequently. It will still penetrate deep within your hair follicles to seal in moisture and leave you with smooth, manageable hair.

Eliminates frizz for up to 4 weeks.
Starting at $125

Brazilian Blowout Rewind (20 minutes)

We’re not talking about just covering up your grays here! Instead, this anti-aging, reparative service de-ages the texture of your hair, restoring its original look and feel.

It helps to improve color deposit and corrects and prevents structural damage on your hair. This service can be combined with either the Brazilian Blowout Original or Express.

De-ages hair for up to 10 washes.
Starting at $55

Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction (10 minutes)

This quick service focuses specifically on those split ends. The Brazilian Blowout Split End Correction mends tears and split ends instantly by rebuilding the broken hair fibers.

This is great for maximizing length and preserving precision cuts. This service can be combined with either the Brazilian Blowout Original or Express.

Seals split ends for up to 4 weeks.
Starting at $35

Keep Your Hair healthy

Using the right hair products at the right frequency is crucial to maintaining the hair your love. Follow our blog for helpful hair tips.