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Transform Your Look

Your hair says a lot about you, and at Studio 312 Salon, we make your hair say all the right things. Whether you want to cover up some grays, a root touch up, or you want a full-on color transformation, you can trust our expert stylists to do the job.

Hair coloring is not something that should be trusted to a box on the supermarket shelf. Our trained stylists are chemists when it comes to mixing the perfect hair color for your features, and we guarantee you’ll be dazzled with the results.

Some clients come into our salon with an exact idea of what they’re looking for and our stylists make it happen. Others only have a vague notion of the color and coverage they want, and our stylists are ready to guide them through the process.

We know every client is different and that’s why we give each and every one of you personalized attention throughout your appointment (or appointments!).

Whichever category you fall under, come to Studio 312 Salon for a coloring service that fits you perfectly.

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Stylist mixing color for hair
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Our Coloring Services

Studio 312 Salon’s team of experienced and well-trained stylists are here to transform your look however you want. When you walk out our doors, we’ll have you brimming with confidence.

Prices listed are starting prices and may vary based on stylist level, hair texture, and length.

All Over Color

A single hair color is applied covering your entire head, from roots to tips creating a consistent, solid hair color. Can be done to cover gray hairs, change your natural hair color, or simply to refresh your current color.

Starting at $80

Root Retouch

As your hair grows, the hair roots or regrowth start to show. Root retouching maintains a consistent hair color and covers the "root line" that occurs as your hair grows out.

Starting at $60

Accent Highlight

Accent highlights add dimension and depth by adding highlights to only specific sections of your hair like the crown of the head or bangs. Accent highlights enhance the natural movement and shape of your hair.

Starting at $50

Partial Highlight

Add highlights to a portion of your hair, such as the top layer, instead of your whole head. The amount of hair highlighted depends on your hair texture and desired look.

Starting at $78

Full Highlight

Apply highlights to your entire head to create a lightening effect without completely losing natural color. Highlights are added to top and bottom layers of your hair to add depth.

Starting at $100

Corrective Color

Corrective color is used to correct or change the tone, shade, or color of hair. Used on hair that has been over-processed, unevenly colored, or has unwanted tones.

Starting at $68 per hour

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