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Cutting & Styling

Cutting & Styling

Refresh Your Look

Hair feeling a little dull or even outdated? Then freshen up your look with a new cut or style!

At Studio 312 Salon, we can take care of all your haircutting and style needs. Just tell us what you want and we’ll make it happen!

Getting regular haircuts is vital to maintaining the health of your hair, and our stylists will work with you to determine what the best haircut frequency is for you based on your hair texture and preferred styling methods.

Whether all you need is a quick trim to get rid of dead ends or you want to cut your bangs, add brand new layers, or go with the wolf cut, you can trust our stylists to make you look your best. Our stylists are also skilled in barber cuts.

And when it comes to styling your gorgeous locks, we can do it all—from blow drying to curling to an intricate updo.

Stop in today and make it your best hair day.

Hairstylist cutting a client's hair
Stylist using a curling iron on client's hair
hairstylist doing an updo

our Cutting & styling Services

Studio 312 Salon’s stylists are here to change up your style with just a few snips. Tell us the look you’re going for and we’ll make it happen.

Prices listed are starting prices and may vary based on stylist level, hair texture and length, and desired add-ons.


Our standard haircut involves washing and trimming the hair to remove split ends and reveal a refreshed, more polished look. Go from long hair to a pixie cut, add layers or get a specialized curly cut.

Starting at $38

Men's Cut

Get the feel of the classic barber’s chair at Studio 312 with our barber cut service. We’ll trim any unwanted hair below the chin and along the back of the neck, perfect your buzz cut or fade, and more!

Starting at $28

Child's Cut

Your child’s comfort is our number one priority. We’ll keep the appointment fun and light so they’re at ease throughout the process. Service does not include detangling or wash.

Starting at $28

Bang Trim

Don’t try this at home! Let us trim your bangs to keep them even and out of your eyes without cutting too short. When done on its own, the bang trim does not include a wash.

Starting at $15


Get smooth, voluminous, and perfectly straight hair with a blowout. It can be added onto your haircut or done on its own. A polished look that will last for days.

Starting at $28

Luxury Blowout

When you’re not in need of a haircut but you do want a bit of pampering and to have your hair looking its best, come in for a luxury blowout.

Starting at $40


Just like our flat iron service, get full, beautiful ringlets if you’re headed to a fancy party or just looking for some extra bounce. Service can be on its own or an add on.

Starting at $25

Updo Styling

When you really want your hair to look spectacular, swing by for an updo style. The perfect service before a special event like a wedding, prom, or professional photos.

Starting at $58

Hair & Beauty Tips

Check out our blog and learn the best ways to care for your hair.