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From the moment Kota could grip a blowdryer, her journey with hair began. There’s a cherished baby photo of her, industriously styling her own locks—a clear sign of her destiny. Born into the beauty industry, she’s breathed the air of creativity from her earliest days.

A native of Tampa, the vibrant city where she spent her formative years, Kota’s recently embraced a new chapter away from her roots. This move is an exciting leap into unfamiliar territories, promising fresh inspirations and adventures.

Away from the salon, she’s an enthusiast of the simple joys in life: kayaking through serene waters, basking in the sun with her beloved cats, losing herself in a good book, and enjoying the warmth of friends. Baking, shopping, and exploring the outdoors are other facets of her happiness.

Kota’s professional passion lies in crafting transformative color experiences—blondes, vivid transformations, and event styling are where her heart sings. Extensions are another canvas for her creativity. In the culinary world, her tastes are eclectic: from the communal joy of a seafood boil to the unique pleasure of cheesy Chex mix, all enhanced by the culinary delights prepared by her “in-home chef”, Nick.

Guided by the wise words of K. Tolnoe, “there is no end to your light,” she strives to shine brightly in all endeavors. Another mantra that guides Kota is to “become more aware of what is really worth your energy.” This philosophy fuels her passion and purpose in the beauty industry.

The connections Kota forges with clients and peers are the essence of her career. Each story shared and bond formed over the styling chair isn’t just a part of the job; it’s the heartbeat of her profession. Their trust and the visible boost in confidence they leave with affirm her calling and talent in this art.

Should fortune ever smile upon Kota, her dream is to contribute to global causes and explore the myriad cultures and beauties of our world. Her literary tastes mirror her eclectic personality, with Sean David Hutchinson topping her list of favorite authors. As for television, “My Hero Academia” stirs her sense of adventure and heroism, while “New Girl” serves as her go-to comfort show.

In essence, she is a hairstylist not by chance, but by destiny—driven by passion, sustained by connections, and inspired by the endless possibilities of beauty.

“I had Kota as my hairstylist for prom and she did an absolutely amazing job! She is so easy to talk to and outgoing! Definitely the best hair salon I have ever been to! Such a fun atmosphere to get ready for prom and not to mention the amazing hair do I came out with!” – Savannah

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