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It's Time to Treat Your Hair

Hair treatments are not just an add-on service. They’re a crucial part of creating and maintaining your ideal style.

Want to tame your frizz for more than just a day or two? Or do you have an itchy, dry scalp that needs some extra love and care? The Studio 312 Salon has the perfect treatment for you.

You put your hair through a lot. Bleaching, coloring, blow drying, and more. All of these services certainly make your hair look gorgeous, but the damage builds up over time.

That’s why it’s important to treat your hair every once in a while.

Hair treatments are a great way to improve the health and appearance of your hair over time so you can keep changing up your style. And more than that, hair treatments can also give you the exact style you’re looking for, with less maintenance.

At Studio 312, we love your hair just as much as you, so if you’re not sure what treatment you need, book a consultation with one of our expert stylists today.

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Our treatment & Chemical Services

Hair treatments a not only a wonderful treat for your scalp and locks, but they also help prolong your color and style, and enable you to have great hair days more often. 


A Keratin treatment is a protein treatment that will minimize frizz and curls in your hair, making it smoother, straighter, and easier to manage and style from day to day.

Keratin is a protein found in your hair, and our Keratin treatment uses Keratin-infused products and heat to seal the protein into your hair. The length of time and total price for a Keratin treatment depends on your hair texture and length. With the right at-home management, a full Keratin treatment will last about five months.

Starting at $250

Express Keratin

If you want the sleek, smooth look of a Keratin treatment but don’t have time for the full appointment (or you aren’t ready to commit to straight hair for five months), give the Express Keratin treatment a try.

With an Express Keratin, the Keratin product is designed to work its way into your hair more quickly, and it can be a great option for clients with thinner hair. It will give you the same look as a full Keratin treatment, but for a shorter amount of time. An Express Keratin treatment will last about six weeks.

Starting at $150

K18 Hair Mask

If your hair has been overworked—whether it's from bleach or heat—it's time to heal from the inside out. The K18 hair mask improves and strengthens the elasticity of your hair and heals the inner structure of each strand.

The K18Peptide™ in this leave-in mask matches the natural keratin proteins in your hair and clinically reverses damage in just four minutes. Add this treatment to your next appointment!


Deep Conditioning

If your hair is feeling dry and unmanageable, it’s time for some deep conditioning. We’ll give your hair the intense nourishment it’s craving and restore it to its natural shine.

Starting at $20

Luxury Conditioning

If you’ve been over-processing your hair and neglecting treatment, it’s time to schedule a luxury deep conditioning treatment. Great for treating dry hair and scalp.

Starting at $35

Virgin Relaxer

If you're over grabbing your flat iron every morning, but you've never had a chemical relaxer on your hair before, this is where it all begins. Turn your frizz into sleek and shiny straight hair.

Starting at $120

Relaxer Retouch

Just like with coloring, you need to retouch your roots when it comes to relaxers too. Come in to get your roots straightened out, but we'll leave the rest of your hair alone to avoid damage.

Starting at $60

Partial Relaxer

We'll only apply the relaxer to particular sections of your hair depending on the look you're going for. Maybe just the crown of your head or the edges to help them lay flatter and easier to style.



You're not stuck with straight hair if you don't want to be. Get the waves or curls you've always wanted with our perm services. Tell us the look and shape you're going for and we'll get to work.

Starting at $98

Hair Facts You Need To Know

Proper hair care is all about knowing your hair type and what tools are at your disposal. Read more on our blog. 

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