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What Is a Curly Cut?

Client with curly hair.

Not all hair types are the same, therefore not all haircuts are the same.

Curly hair in particular is a whole different story when it comes to haircuts. You probably know that most haircuts are done on wet hair with the hair pulled taut to make sure the length is even.

But if you’ve got thick, full curly hair, you know that it looks very different wet than it does dry.

Enter: the curly cut. If you wear your hair curly more often than not, the curly cut is something you need to be familiar with.

So what exactly is a curly cut and why should you be getting one? Read on to learn more.

What Is a Curly Cut?

A curly cut is a haircutting style specially designed for curly hair. The biggest difference with curly hair cutting is that most often, your hair is first trimmed dry. This way your stylist sees how your hair is shaped in its natural state.

After the dry cut, your stylist might wash or wet your hair and do a final trim while your hair is wet as well.

A curly cut trims the dead ends off your hair and cuts it to your desired length in the same way a standard haircut does, but this way, you’re also giving your curls a more flattering and natural shape.

The goal of a curly hair cut is to enhance your natural curl pattern and texture while reducing frizz and improving overall manageability of your hair.

It’s important to remember that curly cuts are for people who wear their hair in its natural curly state regularly. If you’re wearing your hair straight, a curly cut isn’t for you.

How to Cut Curly Hair

Cutting curly hair is not one size fits all. Ultimately, your type of curly hair will determine what type of curly hair cut you need.

The Deva Cut

The Deva Cut is a dry cutting technique designed specifically for curly hair and the goal is to have your curls frame your face. A Deva Cut won’t thin or texturize your hair because that can increase frizz. This method is best for clients with tight ringlet curls who wear their hair curly almost all the time.

The Ouidad Cut

The specific Ouidad Carve and Slice technique is one style of cutting curly hair when it is wet. Damp hair shows the stylist your more natural pattern. The Carve and Slice technique cuts vertical sections of hair beneath your crown, then shaking them to reveal thicker curls within the curls, adding volume.

The Rezo Cut

With a Rezo Cut, you can wear your hair curly or straight without worrying about your hair looking uneven one way. If you want lots of length and styling options with your hair, the Rezo Cut is for you.

There are more methods of cutting curly hair—such as the Tunnel Cut or the Diametrix Cut, but these three are the most popular. You can also do lots of different trending styles like the wolf cut with curly hair. The type of curls you have, your hair length, and your desired look will be the determining factors in what kind of curly cut you get.

Before getting a curly cut, it’s important to talk with your stylist about their qualifications, what look you’re going for, and what their recommendations are.

Hairstylist talking to a client about a curly cut.

What Does a Curly Cut Cost?

A curly cut costs more than just a normal haircut. While a standard trim might average about $40, most curly cuts can start around $100.

There are good reasons for that though.

Just like certain hair coloring techniques—like balayage and going full blonde—are more extensive than standard highlights or an all-over color, a curly cut is a more in-depth process than a regular trim. It’s also not something all stylists are trained to do.

Naturally, the price will be higher.

A curly cut stylist is analyzing your specific curl type and shape, hair texture, and face shape when cutting your hair. It’s more than just spraying it down and making sure all the ends are even.

The good news is that your haircut will last longer than a standard haircut on your curly cut would. You can even trim a dead end or two on your own if you’re feeling confident enough.

Get Your Perfect Curly Cut Today

Everyone’s hair is unique and important to them, so when you’re getting a haircut, it’s important you find a local or maybe an Orlando curl cut stylist you can trust to care for your hair as much as you do.

At Studio 312 Salon, we love your hair as if it were our own, and we’ll treat it as such when you’re in one of our chairs. And we do more than just cut or color your hair. We’ll give you the best styling tips and product recommendations if you’re interested in learning how to diffuse your curly hair or the best treatment masks to use.

From curly cuts to textured layers and more, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it happen. We’ll analyze your hair to give you the best treatment and styling recommendations so you know just what service you’re getting.

Book an appointment today and walk out looking fabulous.

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