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What Is a Wolf Cut?

Woman with multi color vivid hair coloring.

Your hair is your statement piece. It’s one of the first things people notice about you and one of the quickest ways to change your look.

So why not make it a big statement that perfectly captures your unique personality? For many, this translates to a new vivid hair color or a statement cut.

When doing that, some people like to avoid following a trend, but when it comes to haircut trends, with the right stylist, you can stay on trend and still express your individuality.

Enter the wolf cut. It’s one of the trendiest haircuts right now, but does that mean you should jump on the bandwagon?

So let’s dive in. What is a wolf cut, is it right for your look, and how can you maintain it?

The Wolf Cut Explained

Let’s start with a basic explanation of a wolf cut.

Sometimes called a shag cut, a wolf cut is a variation or combination of a ‘70s shag look and an ‘80s mullet—yes, a mullet.

In this case, it’s all about the layers. Shorter layers in the front and at the top of your head, longer in the back. The end result is a slightly messy and textured look that adds volume to your hair.

It’s meant to look a little wild and untamed—hence the name. So if you love the “just rolled out of bed and quickly tousled my hair” look without any of the work, the wolf cut is for you.

Hair stylist cutting a client's hair

Who Can Rock a Wolf Cut?

The wolf cut is for anyone who loves to rock—it’s got that edginess built in—and when you’ve chosen the right hair stylist, they can customize the cut to suit your features and hair type.

If you have fine hair, the layers at the top of your head in a wolf cut will boost the volume of your hair, making it appear fuller.

A wolf cut makes your hair appear fuller, giving it a more natural, lived-in feeling, and it works equally well on short and long hair. Shorter hair will look a bit choppier, especially at the top however, so talk to your stylist before taking the plunge.

Layering and textured haircuts can always be adapted to your face shape, so oval or square, the wolf cut can be adapted to you.

Major selling point: the wolf cut is gender neutral and works for wavy, straight, and even curly hair. In fact, for curly hair, it will only emphasize your hair’s natural texture.

While most people with a wolf cut have bangs, it’s not a requirement. Curtain bangs can give the cut a softer look and even give the appearance of no bangs at all.

Remember, your haircut can be totally customized to you, so if you want less drastic layers or a less noticeable mullet, just let your stylist know, show them pictures for inspiration, and don’t be afraid to speak up!

In the end, the wolf cut is meant to look a little messy, so if you prefer a tightly styled and neat look, this probably isn’t the cut for you.

Woman having her hair cut at a salon

How to Style and Maintain Your Wolf Cut

Here’s the best part. The wolf cut is meant to look effortless and when your hair is cut properly, you’ll have a great hair day every day.

For curly and wavy hair, you can stick with your standard maintenance routine like your favorite anti-frizz product to keep your hair hydrated and smooth.

If you’ve got straighter or fine hair, it will take a little more work as your hair does not have that natural texture to it already. You might need some tools to help emphasize the layers and texture.

Always use a heat protectant to protect your hair, especially the ends, as they will be more noticeable with the layers.

Either way, with a wolf cut, most of the styling is done for you, so your hair only needs regular maintenance and a slight tousle before it’s ready to go. This cut is designed to look a little messy, so don’t fret over perfection.

Stylist and client smiling after service

Other Trending Haircuts We Love

The wolf cut isn’t the only haircut of the moment. Check out some more of our favorite haircuts if you’re not sold on the wolf cut just yet.

Butterfly Cut

The butterfly cut features shorter, face-framing layers at the top of your head to boost volume, and it adds movement to your hair and has a soft, delicate look.

Rounder Curly Cut

A rounder curly cut allows the curls to look fuller and more uniform, and it is versatile enough to work on all curl types and hair lengths.

Variations on the Bob

A wavy bob, a sharp bob, a shaggy bob…the bob is not one-style-fits-all anymore. It can be anything you want. So if you’re done with long hair for a bit, look into how to make the bob fit your hair.

Get Your Best Hair from Studio 312 Salon

Don’t just think of your hair as something growing out of your head; express yourself with it!

Haircuts and hairstyles are all about individuality, and at Studio 312 Salon in Oviedo, we’re here to help you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Schedule a consultation to chat with one of our expert stylists about the wolf cut or any other haircut or treatment you’re interested in. You’ll walk out looking and feeling your best!

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